Drumming the 20 Count
Drumming the 20 Count

An instructional drumming CD which will outline the rhythms of the Medicine Wheel. A teach-yourself guide to Shamanic Drumming.


(1) Fire
(2) Earth
(3) Water
(4) Air
(5) Human
(6) Ancestors
(7) Dream
(8) Karma
(9) Energy Design
(10) Higher Self
(11) Grandfather Stars
(12) Grandmother Planets
(13) Spirit of the Plants
(14) Spirit of the Animals
(15) Souls of all Humans
(16) Akalotahey/Avatars
(17) Kachinahey/Dream Teachers
(18) Chulamadahey/Karma Teachers
(19) Hokshidahey/Higher Self Teachers
(20) Wakan Tanka/Great Spirit

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