Abalone Moon
Songs of Honouring CD

This long-awaited album is finally ready! Jana is joined by Kat Brown and other bardic Druid friends in this gorgeous collection of songs and chants. It is rich and funky in its folk arrangements - an absolute must for all Pagans!... It honours the ancestors of our sacred land of Albion, in particular the ancient energies of Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain with 'Song of Honouring'. It has songs for several festivals: 'Samhain', 'Swallowhead' and 'Harvest' as well as beautiful chants to the Goddess, 'Sekhmet' & 'Mab' and a powerful and poignant chant to the God in 'Hail Pan' - sung by Kat Brown, Dreow Bennett, Tim Hall and David Krepps. Jana also plays flutes and clarinet and is joined by her Medicine sister Lydia Lyte on drums. A classic album!



1. Songs of Honouring
2. Samhain
3. Drum Song
4. Per Sekhmet
5. Mab
6. Hail Pan
7. Dragonlines
8. Travelling Song
9. Swallowhead
10. Harvest

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