Native American Medicine Chants

An album of beautiful Native American sacred chants, which reflect and celebrate our connection to the wheel of life. The Medicine Wheel is an ancient symbol of the totality of life, of cycles, seasons, elements and the four worlds of Grandmother Earth. There are 20 sacred chants on this new CD, ranging from 'Birthing Song' to 'The Raven Chant' - it is made with great respect and acknowledgment of the tribal wisdom from which they originate. Jana teaches the chants in her 'Drum Journeying' workshops and classes. Visit Janas Sacred Home website for more information.



(1) Chant to the Spirit Keepers of the West
(2) Chant of the Rainbow Fire
(3) Gathering Together Chant
(4) Birthing Chant
(5) Eagle Chant
(6) Cherokee Morning Song
(7) Sun Chant
(8) Wisdom Woman Song
(9) Earth Heartbeat Chant
(10) Bear Chant
(11) Raven Chant
(12) Lakota Vision Quest Song
(13) Sundance Song
(14) Star Peoples Song
(15) Celebrations Song
(16) Family Song
(17) Horse Chant
(18) Water Spirits Song
(19) Song of the Forest
(20) Buffalo Chant


You can hear short clips of the highlighted tracks (one minute or less) by clicking on the links. If they don't work for you, check your sound is turned on. You may need to download Real Player (which you can get for free here) if they still don't work.

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